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Our Story

It all started when our father, Robert, moved to the United States from Italy at 18 years old. He was always artistic and had a passion for fashion, but rather than simply buying and selling, he knew he wanted a hand in the creation process. Robert realized his specific love for fine jewelry, but when he found himself designing jewelry, he realized he had found his passion for gold and molding the material to his designs and fell in love with the industry.

Fast forward 25 years, Robert’s son, Daniel decided to join the business ten years ago, while Robert’ Daughter decided she couldn’t miss out on this family venture and joined the company in 2021. Daniel and Natalie loved pushing the boundaries when creating new stylish and timeless pieces, so they decided to start their own brand, Zahav Jewelry. “Zahav” or gold in the Hebrew and Arabic languages, represents not only the material that Zahav sells, solid gold, but also the feeling we want to elicit in our customers, bright, blissful, and glorious. As a small company, everyone at Zahav works hand-in-hand and is involved at each step of the jewelry process ensuring the sourcing, materials, and design are of the highest quality for our customers. 

Beyond valuing quality and affordability, we pride ourselves in creating eco-friendly and American-made designs so you and your loved ones can not only feel good but do good wearing our pieces. 

Please enjoy Zahav's beautiful array of stylish, current, and affordable options because, after all, jewelry tells the story of the person who is wearing it.

Happy Shopping :)

The Zahav Family